Rules of the Tube

There are, in our opinion, 10 simple rules that anyone using the Tube should abide by for making a happy and safe journey for both yourself and your fellow passengers. They are a way of making sure you enjoy the ride and don’t cause any upset!

  1. When using the touch screen ticket machines, don’t hold up your fellow passengers by buying individual tickets for you and your family or group. Make use of the ‘multi-ticket’ purchase option on the display (big yellow button on the screen).
  2. When approaching the ticket barrier have your ticket ready, don’t wait until you get to the barrier, start looking for it in your pockets or bag, and hold up other passengers behind you.
  3. When going through the barriers don’t stop in mid-flow of passenger traffic to get your ticket or oyster card read by the machine. The barrier is able to deal with more than one person at a time. Similarly, if you have bought a single ticket for your journey, at the end of it the machine will swallow it – don’t stop to be shocked by thisĀ – just keep moving.
  4. When going up and down escalators always stand to the right. This will allow passengers who want to walk it, can on the left. Also, when getting to the bottom or top of the escalators don’t suddenly stop to do your coat-up or look around – there maybe people behind you.
  5. In a busy station, don’t stop in the middle of the flow of passengers to read signs and maps. Move out of the way and then stop.
  6. When a train pulls into a platform during rush hour, don’t try and get on if it is already packed full – there will another train along in just a few minutes. Similarly, make use of all the doors on the train – it is all going to the same destination after all.
  7. When a train pulls into a platform, don’t crowd around the doors as they open, allow passengers off the train first. If you don’t they will have to push their way past you, making for an unpleasent journey.
  8. If you get onto the platform and there is a train already there with the doors beeping (indicating that they are about to close) don’t hold or jam your leg between the doors so they have to open so you can get on – doing this both delays the train and all the people on it.
  9. When on the train and it is moving, try not to lean on the doors. On some of the Tube’s trains if you lean against the doors the electronic safely system might think you are trying to force them open and will automatically brake the train. This can make for a sharp jolt and will be both unexpected and dangerous if the train is travelling at speed.
  10. Rucksacks, backpacks, knapsack, packsack, pack, bookbag, whatever you call it – make sure you wear it over both shoulders (if it has two straps) and that it can’t swing around or lean into other passengers walk ways.