Getting Started, in order for it to work for you, does require a little basic knowledge of The Tube network. Getting started to find out where you should be going could not be easier from here on in. Simply enter where you are going into the search box.

Don’t get to hung-up on getting the right spelling of station names, our search box will try and predict* which station you’re after. For example, if you where planning to go to Turnham Green on the District Line, you could just simply enter “Turn” and the list of predictions will fill in the rest for you to select from.

Another example is if you where travelling on the Piccadilly Line to Earl’s Court from Turnham green, this would be an eastbound train, you would want to be on the 3rd carriage from the front of the train when you arrive at your destination (see below).


I am going via another station or stop, how do I do that?

Simple enter the station name that you are going via first, look in the second half of the page called “Changing Lines” this will tell you what carriage you want to be in for your connecting train. Then enter your final destination.

For example if you where travelling from Oxford Circus on the Victoria Line, going via Green Park, and finishing-up at Hammersmith – Piccadilly Line – you would want to enter Green Park – Victoria Line, and then enter Hammersmith Piccadilly Line.

*Providing you have JavaScript enabled on your browser