How can I tell which end of the platform is the front of the train?

There are several ways to check, the first being which end of the platform has signal lights, this will indicate which end is which. The second (not on all platforms) you will see at the start of the platform that there is a clock, this will be for the driver. Thirdly, if possible, see what direction the trains are running on the opposite platform.

Why doesn’t TheAtoB.com help me plan my journey?

TheAtoB.com is not a conventional journey planner. We wanted to create a journey planner with a difference for those who are already familiar with The Tube system.

Why is TheAtoB.com in beta and what does that mean?

Beta means that the site is not finished developing yet. It also means that we are looking at more features and make changes after feedback from users (you!) is made.

Will you create a mobile version of TheAtoB.com?

Yes, we are already making plans for this and will release more details as soon as possible.

I would like to help contribute information or make a correction to the site, how can I do this?

If you want to help make TheAtoB.com better, please do! If you want to comment about an individual station please go to that station’s page and post your comments there. If you would like to comment about the site as a whole please use the feedback form.

I don’t know what Tube station I should be starting from or arriving at, can you help?

If this is the case, we would recommend that you use TfL’s (Transport for London) Journey Planner (link opens in new window).

Where can I download or print off a Tube map?

Click here (link opens in new window).

If you have a question which is not listed here please use the feedback form.